Friday, July 10, 2015

Police union smacks Russell. (Don't blame me, I tried to warn you!)


The people of Culpeper generally and the Virginia Police Benevolent Association are sure learning their lesson.

But folks, please don't blame me... I tried to warn you.

Russell is one of those "say anything, do anything" to get elected types of pols that give politics it's horrific name.

This is no exception.

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Police union remind Culpeper Town councilman of his endorsement promises 
By Wally Bunker
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 Last month, the association representing numerous Culpeper police officers and deputy sheriffs sent letters to Culpeper’s nine town council members – eight complimenting the council for its support. Councilman Jon Russell’s was much different.
Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VPBA) Executive Director Sean McGowan’s June 26 letter, on behalf of Culpeper’s 90-member PBA chapter, to Russell reminded him of promises he made while seeking the PBA’s endorsement during the May 2014 town council election.

Jon Russell Culpeper Town Council
The letter questioned Russell’s recent views and published media comments regarding the town’s lawsuit against Culpeper Commonwealth’s Attorney Megan Frederick for her refusal to prosecute any cases involving Culpeper Officer Matt Haymaker.

The Culpeper chapter of the PBA endorsed Russell’s election bid, along with two other council candidates, Keith Price and Pranas Rimeikis. All three PBA-endorsed candidates won seats on the nine-member town council.

On June 12, the local PBA chapter sent thank you letters to Mayor Michael Olinger and seven other council members for sending the May 15 letter to Frederick in support of Haymaker and asking Frederick to reconsider her refusal to prosecute Haymaker’s cases. Russell, who was out of town on business at the time the letter was circulated for signatures, said he would “probably” have signed the letter that the eight other council members signed.

However, Russell publicly opposed the filing of the town’s lawsuit. 
This very blog is full of a history that proves Russell shouldn't be elected dog catcher.  I tried to warn the good people of the community of Culpeper that this guy was a master manipulator and that he was just using you all as a step to bigger and better things... just like he tried to with the people of Washougal, WA, the last community Russell did so much to screw up.

Just sayin.

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