Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sources: Russell blows off another city council meeting.

I'm told that once again, Russell has blown off another city council meeting.

Can his resignation be far behind?

Soon, I hope.

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  1. Ok, so if he flees the area- I wonder who we will be stuck with at City Council? The existing council would vote this person into place. And with a 4/2 vote (excluding little Jon) it will be someone Jon wants...

  2. LOL. Seriously. LOL. Jon won't be resigning. He needs the $$. Simple as that. He is the ultimate public trough suck up.

  3. I hope when and if he misses another meeting, that someone will step up and ask why he is blowing off his responsibilities. More "when" than "if" judging by his recent history of not attending meetings.

  4. Lol. Junior missed another meeting tonight, 1/23/12. Guess he just doesn't care. Just suck up monthly salary, but don't come to work. Nice ethics. (NOT!)