Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jessica Bowen, meet Tracy Hernandez. Tracy Hernandez, meet Jessica Bowen

For several months now, an entity that doesn't exist has been posting on the democratian. It's name?

Jessica Bowen.

I've been postulating that this entity is, in fact, Jon Russell, Washougal city councilman; failed congressional and state representative candidate who has this thing about posting under fake names.

I've addressed this fake identity before, and provided the tie-in with Russell and his original alter-ego, Teacher Judy Banks and then this Bowen identity.

The fake Judy Banks was a foil he could play political games with, until he got too cute by half and I busted him.

He had, sources tell me, as many as 20 different identities on the democratian. The local rag tossed a stick in his spokes, however, when they began to require facebook logins... an, voila'! Jessica Bowen was "born."

This is the fake identity "Jessica Bowen" who, among other things, claims to live in Seattle... and ONLY posts on the democratian web site... and no where else... classic Jon Russell.

But what, to my wandering eyes appear?

Why, the EQUALLY lovely "Traci Hernandez" of Orlando, Florida.

And when I say "equally," I MEAN "equally," since the pictures are of the same person.

Note that the main identity picture for "Tracy Hernandez" is the same as one of the other pictures utilized by "Jessica Bowen."

The links for these two identities are here and here.

One or the other or, likely both, are fake identities.

The question is this: why is one of these fakes an apparent mouthpiece for Jon Russell?

The whole world is watching.

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  1. What I want to know is how can a Washougal City Councilman get away with this? Isn't there some law that says government officials cannot go around and masquerade as an alias? What's with Washougal anyway? What does the state have to say about this trash?

  2. So freaking sad. Jon Russell is one very disturbed person. Unfortunately, just like his old buddy mayor stacy, he manages to wrap people around his.......or, her......confused. is Jon/Jessica/Traci male or female?

  3. Why does the people of WAshougal tolerate this crap?

  4. You got me. One of the political mysteries of our time.