Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is Jon Russell taking a look at running against Joe Zarelli?

In response to a community corrections officer who fears his rice bowl is going to be taken away from him, Jon Russell, using one of his many fake nom de plumes, in this case, Citizen Judy, takes a swipe at 18th District Republican Senator Joe Zarelli for his vote on a senate bill, SB 5891.

The letter to the editor is typical of the half-truths of the desperate public employee, who views any effort to reduce costs as an effort directed at taking cash out of their wallet... even though that keeps more cash in our wallets.

That said, Jon Russell has been outed many times as hiding behind fake identities so he can comment at will on newspaper and blog sites; I busted him myself over making up the fake person "CitizenJudyBanks" during the course of his last, abysmal campaign.

What's of interest isn't his continuing lack of integrity. That's par for his course.

What's of interest is that he keeps coming back. And he keeps using fake names. And he doesn't even bother to change them as if we won't notice.

It's really bad over at the Post Record, (Read the entire article, plus comments for just another example) where he seems to have taken simultaneous false identifications to comment on the same articles repeatedly.

But here in the democratian, we've got this to show for it:
Progressives? Are you kidding me???? Sen. Joe Zarelli is supporting 5891. Cutting supervision, letting criminals out early, rewarding offenders for violating supervision by counting jail time as supervision time. Zarelli supported 5288 last legislative session which let 10,000 felons off supervision in the community. So please ask your conservative Zarelli why he is supporting cuts in public safety. Criminals will thank him.
citizenjudy — May 23, 2011 at 11:17 a.m. ( permalink | suggest removal | Ignore User )
To me, the bill is secondary to this swipe at Zarelli by Russell. You would think that after the last debacle, Russell would have learned his lesson.

Maybe, apparently, not.

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  1. With the Columbian's change and going to Facebook for logins I do think the Post Record will follow suit soon. They are owned by the Columbian. And then little Jonnie Russell is going to have to use his real name if he wants to say anything.

    But if he thinks he has ANY CHANCE at all at going at someone like Joe Zarelli, well, he might as well move in with David Madore for good. That's the only home he's got left.

    For sure NO ONE in Washougal wants him.

  2. I don't know if you are following the antics of your favorite politician but Mr. Russell is playing the master puppeteer in little Washougal. He's been bragging about this. He wants to "take over Washougal"

  3. someone tell Russell Gregoire is not running again..... I don't think he's tried for that one yet-

  4. the rumour is that Russett is behind nearly all of the challengers in Washougal's elections coming up. His former finance director, Connie Jo Freemen, is running against Molly Costin.

  5. "Mr. Russell has continued to be an embarrassment for the City of Washougal. He has proven to be a failed politician in all of his endeavors. To compare Mike Briggs to the likes of Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday,and Ella Fitzgerald, just proves what an idiot he is."

  6. you're missing the story here if you do not look into Russell's puppet master routine with Washougal...

  7. I'm sure no one will believe anything I have to say on the topic, but I promised someone that if I had the time and energy, I would jump on an refute any known fallacies on this blog. SO, Here's for one: Jon Russell may have used aliases and fake names in the past but has not commented, blogged or otherwise produced written material under any fake names for over 6 months. I personally have no idea who these fake names belong to, but I have to refute the false allegations. I know it must come as a shock to some that there might be other persons out their using fake names and disliking this or that political figure, but I'm breaking the news now: there must be! Thanks for letting me set the record straight. Sarah Russell

  8. Sarah,

    I appreciate you stopping by, but your admission here... now... when you knew he was doing this 6 months ago?

    It amounts to what we in politics refer to as a "when did you stop beating your wife" moment.

    The issue isn't that he's stopped... although my sources tell me he hasn't come close to stopping and that he had numerous identities on various newspapers...

    The issue is THAT HE STARTED AT ALL.

    Using fake names is NOT a luxury any elected official can afford. I freely admit I used a fake name and may continue to do so in the future.

    But what am *I* elected to? What have *I* EVER been elected to?

    Jon Russell has shilled himself as this honest, Christian kind of guy. He looked me in the eye over two years ago and solemnly told me that he'd "changed." That "holding his newborn daughters in his arms" has made him different.

    Even invoking his children, he couldn't help but lie to me.

    Because he had not changed... and in this regard, you have confirmed it.

    Jon should resign. Now. Today.

    He has lied REPEATEDLY on this issue... which begs the question: what else is he lying about?