Monday, February 22, 2010

Sources that I know have told me that Jon "No Traction" Russell is bailing out of the 3rd Congressional race.

Well, it had to happen. Jon Russell doesn't have "it," and he's finally figured that out.

Russell, a Washougal City Council member, has had his people (and how lame is that?) calling around to tell folks he's no longer running.


The reason I say "good," is not because he's no longer running in the 3rd CD so much, but because he was just given another term in the train wreck known as the City of Washougal.

There's enough work needed there to keep a regiment busy. Straightening out his own city should have become his primary task; not using that position as a campaign prop in a no-chance run for Congress.

I have beaten Jon Russell like a drum on this blog. But I have, for the most part, left him alone for several weeks now, because his floundering campaign was unable to gain any traction of any kind, and the end result is that I didn't need help him implode.

He needs much more time and distance between what he was and what he wants to become. He needs to work very hard to get Washougal fixed... and I support him on that level.

But I'm watching, Jon. I'm always watching.

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