Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Russell blows it: unable to take a hint, the least electable "Republican" to now run in the 18th.

When driven by arrogance and ego, it's hard to admit your political failures.

And that brings me to Jon "No Traction" Russell.

Russell has shown that as a Congressional candidate, he's been an abysmal failure.

Now, he's bound and determined to meet with the same disastrous results of his political opportunism in running for the 18th District seat vacated by Ridgefield "Let someone else illegally vote for me on the house floor" Barbie, Jamie "If Baird were still running, you'd have never heard of me" Herrera.

Russell, of course, is totally unsuitable for election to any partisan office as an alleged Republican. All of the reasons why he shouldn't have been our congressional representative still apply as to why he shouldn't be our state representative, either; which, after all, would just tend to serve as yet another notch on his gun belt as the politician from Illinois is determined to go to higher office.... no matter how many political bodies he needs to step on to get there... not unlike Ridgefield Barbie, come to think of it.

The reasons to oppose Russell are many:

His horrific mishandling of Washougal's finances and his rapid desire to throw Stacy Sellers under the nearest bus while avoiding his responsibilities for that financial debacle;

The role HE played in hiring the Washougal City Finance Director, since fired for, among other things, being unbondable;

The fact that he made thousands of dollars consulting on the Port of Vancouver Levy in his efforts to slam us with the biggest tax increase in local history to get the Port money that, as it turns out, they didn't really need.

So, here we go. Russell of the massive ego, rejected by the people of the 3rd Congressional, is now going to put the 18th District seat at risk.

When you get clobbered there, Jon... what will you run for then?

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