Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Did you know that Jon Russell is under a "cyber blitz?"

In the article entitled "Election will bring new faces to Culpeper Council" located on this... newspaper?  Blog?  What have you? it says this:

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Election will bring new faces to Culpeper council
With two seats completely up for grabs, five new candidates—in addition to incumbents Yowell and Phillips—filed to run. Letts, Keith Price, Jon Russell, Hank Milans and former Mayor Pranas Rimeikis all have their names on the ballot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Russell, who spent six years on the Washougal, Wash., councilman (six years, two terms) has been the focus of a cyber blitz from some who didn’t like him in Washington and are now trying to kill his chances in Culpeper.                                                                                                                                 The 38-year-old Russell, who has the most extensive website of all the candidates, pushed the matter of changing the municipal election date into a referendum that voters overwhelmingly approved last November.
Interesting choice of words, that.  "Cyber blitz" infers that I'm peppering the community with links to this blog or something... taking out ads, doing talk radio... financing any of Russell's opponents.

Not true.  Some from the Culpeper area have emailed me and I've provided answers to their questions:  I've also left the Russell Watch blog up as a community service because, frankly, there are two Jon Russells: the real one detailed here... and the one the people of Culpeper see in campaign mode.

I have no dog in the fight: Russell intends to use the city council gig as some sort of stepping stone to higher office, just like he tried... and failed so miserably... to do here, with a horrific run for Congress and a failed fall-back campaign for State Representative.

So, if the people of Culpeper want to be used as a tool, that's entirely up to them.  But they won't be able to say it was because they didn't know better... because this blog lays it all out.

Electing Russell is a true example of getting the government they deserve.  If that's their choice, then they'll have to live with it.

At least until Russell dumps them for bigger and better things.

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