Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thankfully, Jon Russell has finally resigned.

The wonderful news that Jon Russell is not only no longer in government but moving to the other side of the country was greeted across CCP and JRW lands with joy and acclimation.

Russell's political behavior and actions are so egregious that I devoted a blog to his hi jinks... a blog that will stay up in perpetuity for generations to come.

It's unfortunate that someone of Russell's proven lack of character and integrity has managed to fool people who should presumably, know better.

For details, search both this blog and Jon Russell Watch.

His absence will neither be noticed or missed.

Hopefully, he will never come back... and I am thankful that I've never had to suffer under his "representation."

In that, I appreciate the fact that his influence failed to extend beyond the city limits of Washougal, and soon, he will become a distant memory.

Like Lew Waters, I wish his employer luck.

With him working for them...

...They're gonna need it.

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  1. very happy he is gone - or soon will be. He was the biggest prob with Washougal's council--

  2. Thank you for maintaining this blog, for reporting on the inept destructiveness of this provocateur. You've done our community a huge favor.

  3. I wish I could say it was "my pleasure" but I took no pleasure from it.

    Jon Russell had all the tools. He made multiple mistakes, including attempting to become MY state representative. And if I find out or know what you are when you do... well, then you know the rest.

    He made a horrific error in judgment which subsequently resulted in compounding the original error.

    And what was the error?

    He wanted to be elected to office so badly that he would do almost anything to make it happen.

    And "almost anything" included lying, distorting, multiple identities used primarily to attack those he disagreed with... fake identities including multiple fake Facebook persona, claims of fake college degrees, claims that his wife was a doctor, fake claims of Christianity used entirely for political gain... and on and on and on.

    The irony?

    None of it was necessary.

    Russell had much of the package. There was no need to sell himself as a wild-eyed radical right wing nutburger... no one really cared that he didn't have a degree, or what his wife did, or about nonsense like term limits.

    He could have been a contender. But all too often, it is, literally, impossible to find Russell and the truth occupying the same space at the same time.

    And now, he's leaving us... hopefully, forever. But if he comes back when they fire him, I'll still be here and so will this blog.


    Good riddance.

  4. Written above, "He wanted to be elected to office so badly that he would do almost anything to make it happen."

    Russell has blind ambition, not enough native intelligence, poorly educated, and zip for integrity. He has some significant emotional problems. He has hurt Washougal a great deal. It is a good thing he is leaving. He should have NEVER risen has high as he did in Washougal's council. It is fortunate he is leaving. I grieve that he uses religion as a tactic and device. This man is trouble...but I think DC will eat him up.

  5. I find it interesting that Russell is moving to the DC area...the same area where former Washougal mayor Stacee Sellers relocated after her resignation. Coincidence? Russell was the HEAD of the finance comnmittee while Sellers was in office, during which time over $100,000.00 disappeared from the city of Washougal's budget. Coincidence? There are so many unanswered questions regarding Russell and his underhanded, trouble-making shenanigans. It will be refreshing for the Mayor and council to conduct city business without the constant distraction of Russell and his self-serving, self-promoting antics.