Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Redux:The trouble with "Restoring Trust In Government" when you're not honest about who you are: Russell continues to blow off his tax and spend past.

A reminder about fake "trust in government."

It's all well and good for Jon Russell (R-Chicago) to come out and take shots at our local Cowardman, Brian Baird.

In fact, I've taken a few (as in dozens) of shots at the slimy worm representing us in Congress that seems to have gone so far as to make up death threats as an excuse for lacking the testicles required to face his constituency over his upcoming sell out on the empty suits socialized health care plan... in keeping with his cowardly, hypocritical votes on the porkulus and cap and swindle bills that he voted for... without ever reading.

That, however, does NOT "Restore Trust In Government."

It does not restore trust in government ("Trust" being the entire underpinning of one's campaign) when you, yourself, made money in an incompetent effort to ram the largest single property tax increase in our local history down our throats when you, Mr. Russell, ran the Port of Vancouver's abortive campaign to do that very thing.

YOU were in charge of the Port getting massacred at the polls. YOU made thousands of dollars off that effort. YOU have attacked others wrongfully an in the most underhanded ways when they're wise enough to oppose your positions.

YOU are the one fired from the House Republican Caucus in Olympia; YOU are the one who portrays yourself as some sort of expert on health care... and YOU are the one who keeps telling us "actions speak louder than words."

YOUR actions are right out of the Axlerod playbook. And we really don't need that kind of representation around here.

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