Monday, April 19, 2010

Is Jon Russell violating the PDC reporting requirements?

Here's a look at the latest PDC report in the 18th District; an abysmal effort for most.

But the most abysmal of all?

Jon Russell.

The numbers show that Russell failed to raise a dime.

They also show that he failed to spend a dime.

In short, Anthony Bittner, an intrepid young man of 17 years, has outperformed failed congressional candidate and Washougal city councilman John Russell?

How can that be? Whatever happened to his "army of 200 volunteers who are dedicated to the cause?"

"200 volunteers?" And NO money?

And how can it be that this past Saturday, at the Patriot's Rally in Vancouver, Russell passed out state representative literature and had a state representative sign, 4 feet by 8 feet in diameter without any spending?

Now, I get that raising money would be particularly difficult for Russell, given his political problems and his documented political mercenary-ism, best illustrated by his efforts to run the huge Port Levy Tax campaign.

But NO money? NO expenditures?

Sounds fishy to me. I wonder if it will sound fishy to the PDC?

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